Saturday, 17 January 2009

Me and a lovely dress

London based photographer Charlie Hopkinson, took this terrific portrait of me wearing one of Gucci's stunning creations.
Charlie is a star to work with, really relaxed but professional too.
I first wore this dress when I met the new British Ambassador to Rome, Sir Ivor Roberts, in Naples, in 2006.

The Rose

This is a stunning rose, and I am proud to say, it has been named after ME!
I know, I shouldn't blow my own trumpet , but not every opera star has had this honour bestowed on them.
The rose was grown by Robert Harkness (, a dear friend.
You won't believe where it's been planted. Chelsea Flower Show, the Pope has some, so does the Queen (Queen Elizabeth of course) La Scala, and so on.

C'est Moi

I'm Susan Daniel, Diva extraordinaire.
Here's a pic, so you'll know who the hell I am.