Friday, 9 April 2010

Halleluia.....All of our Heroes.

Today, finally, the roses are in the ground in front of the magnificent new Gym/ Pool/ Physio Facility for our Heroes at Headley Court in Surrey, and built for them by the charity Help for Heroes.

I couldn't believe the complications over something so simple.

Between Health and Safety, the Council apparently objecting, the infrastructure (of course)...electrics, plumbing, which limited depth, wrong beds being beautifully prepared by the wonderful gardener who wasn't told when minds were changed......the problems seemed endless and inexplicable.

Finally a whole morning of phone calls and e-mails between Squadron Leader (busy launching gliders at the time), Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Directors of Operations.....and eventually the roses seem to have got off the ground, or rather, into it!.

Anxiously I rang Robert Harkness for last minute pruning instructions, as I worried that she might not go in for twenty more days while the temperature and ground are heating up.

I truly hope that her feet now settle in quickly between all the cables and power lines, and that she will be saluting our magnificent Heroes very soon indeed, certainly in time for the grand opening, but more importantly I would wish that she gladden the hearts of our extraordinarily courageous men and women, every time that they go in for their workouts and cheer them all along the way.


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